Chapeltown Burglar Alarm Repairs

We charge £55 to visit your home or business, we will include up to 1 hours labour,in most cases this is enough time to repair your burglar or intruder  alarm system.

We are able to service most areas around Sheffield to repair your faulty Burglar Alarm including Chapeltown.

All replacement parts have a 12 month guarantee.

Reasons for Burglar Alarm repairs or callout may be:

  • Burglar Alarm not setting
  • False alarms
  • Cables cut or damaged
  • Faulty battery
  • Burglar Alarm wont stop ringing
  • Burglar Alarm not accepting code
  • Burglar Alarm code needs changing
  • Tamper fault light
  • The alarm goes off immediately on entering the building.
  • The sounder does not operate when a detector is triggered.
  • New door fitted
  • New windows fitted